25-27 September 2024 | Barcelona, Spain

Workspaces Forum

The office segment continues to be subject to many structural changes and transformations but the recovery to dynamics in 2021 as a result of several significant deals for prime office space as well as an investment transaction of prime office assets left no doubts about the future of the office.

What are the points of views of investors, users, architects, designers and experts on the future of the office and the office of the future? How is the evolution of work processes and corporate culture changing the requirements for workspace and why is quality increasingly important? What are the expectations for the office space market in 2022?

Workspaces Forum will outline the trends in the office segment by providing a platform to experts from the most active investment and asset management companies, architects and workspace designers as well as building innovation and technology companies to share their perspective and current experience.

This is a golden opportunity to connect with purpose, share knowledge and shape the future.

Workspaces Forum Agenda 2022