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Proptech Startup Forum

The Proptech Startup Forum

The Proptech Startup Forum is the place to be, where the selected startups will share their pitch to investors and leading companies in the sector.

New demands from users have led to the exponential growth of digital trends in the real estate industry through proptech companies. The possibilities offered by emerging technologies, such as Blockchain or AI, have created an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is leading the sector into a process of digitization. An example of the momentum of this transition is detailed in the latest reports offered by capital companies, which indicate that proptech startups are the second in terms of investment captured in Spain in 2021, and predict that this 2022 the evolution will continue to rise to reach “historic highs“.

THE DISTRICT bets to give a space to startups working in the field of technology applied to real estate investment, with the aim of helping them gain visibility, as well as introducing them to the market so that they can be more scalable.

The startups that want to participate in the Proptech Startup Forum will have to present innovative solutions that bring a change for the future of Real Estate and support the sector in its digitization.

1st Place:

Inviertis is a platform that simplifies real estate investment to allow the investor not to worry about the entire process and management and feel real estate investment as easy as if trading.

2nd Place:

Equito App: Invest in real-estate like stocks. The product is a mobile app that enables individuals to invest in fractions of real-estate properties from 100€, in 1 minute, and receive rents every month. It’s like buying shares of a company on Revolut, but with real-estate.

3rd Place:

Woodea: we efficiently deliver buildings that unite nature, technology, well-being and profitability.


Bi2RENT is the first international platform specialized in accommodations for stays from 1 to 12 months where you can offer, find, and rent any type of space (private homes, co-livings or hotels), for all preferences and budgets, in an easy, safe and fully online way. It´s a technological solution that optimizes and simplifies the process of renting a residence for mid-term relocations, saving search time and costs in high commissions, while maximizing the profitability of all types of properties or spaces in disuse -without the restrictions of short-term rentals-.

Brickbro is a peer to peer platform matching anyone looking to buy, sell and rent commercial properties offering an end-to-end online transaction.The increase of ecommerce combined with the effects of the pandemic and climate crisis has accelerated the emergence of new uses for retail and that’s where Brickbro can help. Through technology, this proptech uses Big Data to analyze the assets and make the right decision, giving it a second chance in the market.

BuildLovers Technology: we manage from start to finish the industrialized construction of single-family homes. We manage the financing, the search and sale of the plot and we empower the user in the knowledge of the different construction systems and materials used for a healthier, sustainable and efficient construction.

Homming is the software to manage rental properties from any device and any location saving 60% time. Interact and share with tenants any kind of information related to rentals. Improve control of your rentals, reducing costs and increasing efficiency thanks to automation of tasks

Nester: Property Management Software which allows property managers, tenants and homeowners to take data-based decisions to increase portfolio’s profitability reducing inefficiencies and automating the entire property management process through an easy-to-use and end-to-end platform.

Psquared is a flexible workspace platform that matches, tailors and manages offices spaces for hyper growth tech companies. We capture properties, transform them to smart spaces and offer them to institutional investors looking for higher yields.

At The Predictive Company, we offer a predictive energy management system supported by AI, that learns the energy profiles of building infrastructure, to forecast its real-time energy demand. The result is an automized and optimized operation of the HVAC systems. With our technology, we can reduce the inefficiencies of the HVAC systems up to 30% for each building in terms of energy, costs, and CO2 emissions. Moreover, as our technology is based on self-learning algorithms it can detect the smallest machine’s faults before they become a major issue. Therefore, we provide 2 solutions in 1: predictive energy management and predictive maintenance.