The PropTech Annual Barometer presents a detailed analysis of the international PropTech industry. It illustrates the evolution of PropTech over time, across markets and company categories using graphs of historical and recent trends to highlight critical relationships. To better understand the market dynamics, we classify all PropTech companies into four business categories and identify the companies with the highest valuations per category, allowing us to compare the composition of the categories in different countries.

The Barometer particularly emphasizes the sector’s changes in the past year in regard to mergers and acquisitions. It also visualizes the sector’s geography using spatial graphs of the whole world and specific regions. Finally, we present a detailed analysis of investment trends across time, markets, companies, and investors. The barometer also includes case studies and numerous insights from top PropTech leaders. We identify the most active investors and companies in the sector and provide projections for future investments across markets and companies.

This barometer has been produced by Professor Jaime Luque at the ESCP Business School as part of the Real Estate Tech Innovation program sponsored by the Government of Monaco.