SEE YOU IN 2023!

Be part of the conversation to shape the future of Real Estate! Drive the discussion! 

THE DISTRICT WORLD SUMMIT 2022 will bring together the industry’s top professionals and leaders, representatives of the most prominent institutions in the international real estate investment industry: owners, developers, asset managers, investors, financial institutions, and advisors, linked to both public and private entities.

THE DISTRICT WORLD SUMMIT 2022 will feature leading experts from the financial, real estate, and technology sectors, who will provide examples of best practices and strategies for different real estate cycles, by asset type and market.

THE DISTRICT WORLD SUMMIT 2022 is open to professionals who can anticipate risks and opportunities related to real estate investment, either for their global and comprehensive vision of the factors that influence the outcome of operations, for their innovative way of solving the challenges and opportunities of the market or for their unique talent in specific aspects of the real estate business.



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